Seeking Manager, Mentor & Investor, Platonic Sugar Daddy

What I'm Looking For

I need financial help/resources in my modeling & singing career that I just don't have access to. I'm driven, talented & incredibly motivated but lacking resources. I'm hoping to find someone who finds me creative, admires my work, appreciates me as an artist, sees my potential & would love to invest in me to help me succeed. 

I'm trying to get something started that would give me financial freedom where I'd never have to rely on anyone but myself & finally feel safe. I'm not looking to get rich but I'm tired of struggling all my life so if I meet someone that wants to spoil me than great! I'll never turn down kindness!

I'm looking for a mentor, or investor, or manager not just looking for an ATM. Someone that will respect my boundaries, genuinely care about my wellbeing and won't try to manipulate me into things outside of my comfort range. Not looking for an affair or anything physical so please don't ask.  

I'm looking for platonic friendships or professional business relationships only. I'm honest & upfront about what I'm ok with (ask me) so I expect the same.

Help could be as straightforward as paying for my travel expenses (bus/train/plane & hotel) & my wardrobe for shoots. I can't afford to travel on my own, but if you cover expenses it would open up many more opportunities all over the US. I could work more often/work with higher paying gigs. 

 Or networking for resources, hiring a nutritionist/chef (for weekly meals to gain healthy weight & a personal trainer to get me into better shape & overall health. 

Now how can I help you?

Are you lonely, want someone to talk to? A friend? Someone to keep you company on public events? 

Do you have a fetish you'd like to try that maybe is just too out there for your partner? Maybe you just want a sexy gal to come over to clean your house & give you a lil show? Or maybe you're a hobby photographer that would love to build your portfolio, or personal collection? 

Are you into financial domination? I can do that too (I won't drain you, unless you beg me to). I value consent, so won't take advantage of you (unless that's what you're asking for because it's your kink).

I'm talented & creative. I may not offer physical intimacy but there are plenty of other things I can offer you. Just ask, I may be able to help!

Past requests that I have done (just to give you an idea of my comfort level): video chats (just wanted a pretty girl to talk to), strip teases, nude, bondage/shibari, domination, financial domination, hairy/shaving, yellow/brown/red play, cosplay/role-playing, foot fetish, ball-busting/impact play, nylons/socks/stockings, used panties/socks, everyday tasks on video, and finally a friend for rent (needed a dinner date for a work function so he wouldn't be alone). 

Please no "alpha males" or " dominant men", misogynists, time wasters, rude people, or bait & switch liars (don't say you're ok with friendship & then turn around & pressure me for more), men who judge/mock/disrespect/abuse/look down on sex workers, or men who feel entitled to sex because they took her out to dinner or bought a gift. Just because you spend money on me does not mean you're entitled to my body. If your "kindness" comes with ulterior motives, I don't want it. 

Please treat my inbox like an email/voicemail (do not just say hey, hi, hello, etc). Tell me about yourself, what you're looking for, what you offer etc. 

Don't be shy, you can be honest with me. Just be polite, follow my simple rules & I'll do the same.

Please be sure to read above thoroughly before you contact me. I don't want to waste your time or mine. 

Chances are any questions you have are probably already answered by just reading this page or the other pages.

Again, I'm a lady so please be a gentleman/gentlewoman. Thank you. 

If you're interested in meeting with me, please contact me to schedule a meeting over dinner where we can discuss details in person. You can chose the restaurant (it just has to be in Ann Arbor where I live). You'll have to cover the cost of dinner plus $100 for my time (in cash or to my cashapp), so please don't waste your/my time if you can't afford at least that much. FYI: I do not drink alcohol or coffee and I'm mostly vegan (can't have dairy or eggs or I'll get very sick) but still eat meat & seafood.

Just be sure to email me with the restaurant you chose, preferred day/time, and give me at least a few days notice.