Rules & Limits

Photoshoots, Sessions & In-Person Meetings

I'm friendly, kind, understanding & very open minded. So ask & you may receive. I'm an open book. I'm hard to offend (I've heard it all). Just be respectful and we'll get along fine. 

However, safety is #1 for me, so I conduct all business the same way: as honest & upfront (all cards on the table) as possible to avoid any "stalkers" so there are no misunderstandings, no one feels "disappointed" or "led on" by me or vice versa. So as a disclaimer: I'm a model, not a hooker. I'm never going to be your bootycall. Modeling is my job. I'm not looking a relationship, so please don't ask.  If you're interested in my services, or want a platonic friendship or professional business relationship let me know.

Please do not be that guy that gets all caught up in "how you looked at me" when I give the camera a seductive look. Do not take my politeness or laughing at your jokes as flirting. 

The waitress, the barista, the lady at the grocery store, that retail or customer service rep, and I are not flirting, we're smiling because it's our job. Understood?

Also I am not a clock watcher, but I do have an alarm set for the scheduled end of our shoot or session. Occasionally I'm having so much fun time gets away from me but for the most part if all you can afford is 3hrs you get 3hrs. Please don't try to take advantage of my kindness.

I require full payment either in cash or to my cashapp upon arrival. No exceptions

This gets it out of the way immediately so I can just relax and enjoy the shoot (not worrying about being ripped off).

And lastly, do NOT touch me without my consent. I do NOT like being touched. I don't mean if you have to move a hair out of my face for the shot or position my body to get a certain angle (it's easier to move me than tell me to move), but do not grope me, I know the difference. If you violate these simple rules or I feel unsafe at any point in time during our shoot or session, I will leave and you will NOT get a refund.

If travel is required, I require proof of travel expenses (reserved in my name),  such as hotel room, bus/train/plane tickets sent to my email as soon as possible to confirm booking. 

If you're local, you will need to provide transportation (Lyft/Uber or if you can pick me up/drop me back off at home after the shoot that's fine too) because I don't have a car

Or you can always book a hotel room/studio/outdoor location nearby.

Past requests that I have done (just to give you an idea of my comfort level): video chats (just wanted a pretty girl to talk to), strip teases, nude, bondage/shibari, domination, financial domination, hairy/shaving, yellow/brown/red play, cosplay/role-playing, foot fetish, ball-busting/impact play, nylons/socks/stockings, used panties/socks, everyday tasks on video, and finally a friend for rent (needed a dinner date for a work function so he wouldn't be alone). 

Virtual Meetings

Same rules as above apply (except for touch & travel obviously). Also do NOT call me Mommy and I will NEVER call you DADDY so don't ask. 

My name is Jade. You can call me either by my name or madam, mam, miss, or (if you're a sub) mistress, goddess, and queen.

For any photo or video content or chats I require full payment up front to my cashapp before I will even start filming. No negotiations. I don't care if you got burned in the past, that is not my problem & I'm not making any exceptions. I have a reputation for being honest & trustworthy. I'm all over the internet, if I ripped people off you'd hear about it. I have no desire to burn bridges or ruin my reputation. I too have been burned and that's precisely why this rule exists now. You may hold the cash but I make the rules.

Beyond that I can't help you if you don't believe me. I don't send free samples, what you see on my social media & on this site is free. That's your sample. Take it or don't.