Fetish/Dom Sessions

Hello, you can call me Mistress Jade. I'm a professional dominatrix. I live in Ann Arbor but can't host so you'll need to rent a room nearby for appointments. I don't have any fetish equipment so if you require it - you need to bring it with you (ex: whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, costumes, etc.). Most of my work has never required any equipment & on the rare occasion it was needed the client brought it. So I've never bought anything and I honestly can't afford it in my position right now anyways.

I've been a model mostly but have dabbled a bit in the fetish community over the past several years. I have experience with foot fetishes (photography & foot worship), ball-busting, spanking/whipping, bondage (modeling for photographers), golden/brown showers (giving not receiving), humiliation, feminization & financial domination.

I'm a pretty open-minded woman so feel free to ask me anything except for the following:

1.) I will not give out any personal information (real name, address, etc.), my personal life is none of your business and safety is paramount to me.

2.) Don't ask me for ANY sexual favor or activity, I'm not a prostitute (I'm SW positive, it's just not for me) & will not participate in anything illegal! Also, I don't like physical contact due to my severe sexual trauma so keep your hands/body parts/fluids to yourself!

3.) I don't drink, smoke or do drugs so don't ask & I require you to be sober in my presence so if you do that on your own time fine but not right before a session or during. I need you alert & here with me. Last time I let that slide I was assaulted. So no exceptions.

4.) And lastly I will not do anything that is extremely dangerous, I don't want to be responsible for permanent injury or death. I'm very kind & I care about people's wellbeing. My first priority is my happiness, but I also want my clients to be happy, as well as us both safe. Seeing people happy makes me happy.

Now what I require from you:

1.) Respect me/my time. Newbies are fine but no flakes. If we've exchanged several messages/a phone call but you have yet to book an appointment I will delete you. I have no time for flakes/people that just want to entertain their fantasy but not act on it. If you have no intention of actually booking an appointment with me: go away. 

2.) I realize things happen and sometimes you need to reschedule or cancel. However it needs to be within a 24hr window. No call no shows, or attempts to reschedule/cancel in less than 24hrs: I will charge you the full cost of the session (whatever we agreed to). If you have canceled or rescheduled more than 3 times & we haven't even had a single session yet, I will block you. Three strikes you're out! I will not have my time wasted or be disrespected.

3.) Do not insult me by requesting my services then having the audacity to insinuate you're doing me a favor by being my sub! Don't ever make demands, low ball me or worse request a freebie! NOT going to happen! It's simple. I offer a service, this is a job. I always require payment up front before any services are provided (upon arrival if in person) or (to my cashapp if the visit is virtual) before any content is sent, this is not charity work. I do however work (within reason) with budgets. 

4.) And finally as long as you respect me, follow my very simple rules & be a gentleman at all times: we'll get along just fine & you'll have a great time! 

I always listen & try to provide the very best service I can, so be detailed in your request. If you're looking to be owned/my sub/slave and are ready to completely submit/surrender and serve me then please actually be prepared to follow my directions. Nothing I hate more than disobedience & having my time wasted. 

Just always remember who the domme is here... in case you forgot, it's me!