Spicy Sites

If you have a chat or content request (photo/video):

Step 1.) Please email me with your request, budget & date/time desired (be as detailed as possible so that I can determine if your request fits within my limits). 

Step 2.) If your request is approved, I'll send you a detailed invoice which will reiterate your request, the agreed upon date/time, and the amount due. 

*If your request requires wardrobe, toys or props the cost will reflect my fee plus the cost of materials and I will make sure to give you a cost breakdown if that occurs.*

Step 3.) Once you have verified this is all correct & you want to proceed, I will send you my cashapp link where you need to deposit the agreed upon amount.

Step 4.) Once the money has cleared my bank, I will begin recording your content & I'll email it to you by the time agreed upon (typical time frame 24hr-1wk depending on content). *If your request requires any special wardrobe, toys or props that required shipping obviously the time frame is greater.*

If you had a chat request, as soon as my funds clear in my bank you can schedule a chat with me (see message above if special items are requested).

Generally my availability for chats are very flexible with a preference for late nights (2pm-6am). I'm a nighthawk lol.

If you already belong to the sites below, feel free to subscribe to my pages! If not, you are not required to join to send me a request. 

To be honest all sites below charge a  $15 subscription fee, plus a 20% fee per transaction, so it's cheaper to work with me directly. 

But if you need the security of the sites that's fine, just remember you'll first have to subscribe and if sending any money always add 20% to the total. 

Past requests that I have done (just to give you an idea of my comfort level): video chats (just wanted a pretty girl to talk to), strip teases, nude, bondage/shibari, domination, financial domination, hairy/shaving, yellow/brown/red play, cosplay/role-playing, foot fetish, ball-busting/impact play, nylons/socks/stockings, used panties/socks, everyday tasks on video, and finally a friend for rent (needed a dinner date for a work function so he wouldn't be alone). 

I do not kink shame, but I have my limits, so if you want to know if I'd be willing to do something I haven't mentioned above, just ask.