Editing (Before/After)

I was asked recently about my editing skills, so I created this small "Before/After" gallery to showcase my editing prowess (in case I'm asked again).  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what I'm capable of.  Creating art is my passion, so I tend to go for a more dreamy/fantasy like feel when I can.

The programs I use to edit my photo are: Adobe CC Photoshop (skin/body fixes, background replacement, props, animations, etc) & Adobe Lightroom (for filters, lighting/saturation, setting the mood and other various finishing touches). 

The makeup editing app I use is YouCamMakeup which I overlay on the original image til it blends to satisfaction.

My Typical Work Flow 

(it may take up to 1wk per photo depending on complexity):

Step 1: Upload RAWS to Google Drive for backup. Sort through and eliminate photos that are out of focus, I blinked in, caught making weird faces in lol, and eliminate duplicates. Try to narrow down to a manageable number (ex: start with over 1,000, narrowed it down to 100, then narrowed that down to 50, and again to 25). I usually narrow each set (outfit change, nude counts as it's own outfit) down to ideally 10, no more than 25 but sometimes I've done as many as 50 if I just can't part with them.

Step 2: Take each photo into Lightroom, do basic lighting fixes, then take them each through CC to smooth skin, remove bruises/ lines, and fix body (usually use liquify to round out booty & breasts, cinch waist/belly) and go save 1st drafts in Google Drive.

Step 3: Take each 1st draft photo through YouCamMakeup app, select makeup look & customize as desired. Then take each back in CC and overlay the makeup edit over the 1st draft edit, A.) if only makeup was added: select face, invert selection and delete everything else from makeup image so that makeup face is on top of 1st draft edit, blend til satisfied; B.) if makeup and other effects were added: after overlaying makeup edit with 1st draft edit, blend til satisfied. Then when all that is complete, upload 2nd draft to Google Drive.

Step 4: If going for basic edit: Take 2nd draft photos into Lightroom for final touches such as lighting, saturation, contrast, clarity, ect, select filter to set mood/vibe, take those photos back into CC and overlay Lightroom filtered photo on 2nd draft photo and blend til satisfied (usually I go back and forth layering several Lightroom filters into CC until I get the look I desire). If you're happy with that you're done and can upload final draft in Google Drive. 

Step 5.) However if going for artistic edit: (before doing any of the above in step 4) research backgrounds on Google Images depending on theme decided upon, save images to folder on computer, take those images into CC and insert each into the 2nd draft photo of choice til it blends properly, and if overlay effect is desired research images for overlay, save to folder on computer, take those images into CC and overlay each onto the 2nd draft photo of choice and adjust blend modes/opacity til it blends properly, then complete step 4 to save 3rd draft in Google Drive.

Step 6: If trying to create animations (GIFS) be sure to get all the Lightroom edits done first because you can't edit GIFS in Lightroom; research videos of objects desired (ex: falling leaves, dancing flames, sparkles, butterflies flying, etc), save those videos to folder on computer, overlay the videos on each photo of choice in CC and adjust timeline, choose opacity and blend modes to blend til desired look is achieved. Save final draft and upload to Google Drive.